Site Requirements

1 AON-M2 Site Requirements

Before unpacking and preparing to install the AON-M2, read through all of the following machine specifications to ensure that the location meets the physical requirements.

1.1 Footprint

The AON-M2 fits through most standard doorways however, adequate space is still necessary to allow for easy maintenance and to change filaments. The machine dimensions and recommended footprint are as follows:

DimensionMachineRecommended Footprint
Width94.5cm200cm (50cm clearance)
Depth80.6cm200cm (50cm clearance)
Height144cm300cm (150cm clearance)

1.2 Power

The AON-M2 runs optimally on 240VAC power but will also operate down to 208VAC with slightly reduced heating performance.

AmperageMin. 25A
PlugNEMA L6-20

1.2.2 Allowable Electrical Specifications


1.2.3 Power Consumption

Idle Power100W
Average Power3500W
Peak Theoretical Power4150W

Please note that the customer is responsible for ensuring that all necessary electrical work is carried out by qualified personnel.

1.3 Connectivity

Interfacing with the AON-M2 is done using either the touchscreen interface or via a web browser on your local area network (LAN). However, all files must be uploaded via a browser. A network connection is required for use. Please note however, that the network can be airgapped from the wide area network, and traffic to AON3D servers is not a requirement for use.

The AON-M2 can connect to your LAN via WiFi or RJ45 Ethernet. Internet access will be required to access certain features, software updates, and for technical support.

If for policy or other reasons you are not able to connect the M2 to a network with internet access, you will need to contact us to make separate arrangements to allow for regular updates of the software and the ability for us to provide technical support.

AON3D and the AON-M2 do not support legacy browsers!

The web client utilizes modern browser functionality such as WebSockets and WebGL, so using an up-to-date browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari is required.

1.4 Software

AON3D only officially supports the use of Simplify3D to slice 3D model files. You are free to use any slicing software you wish to use, however we cannot guarantee print quality, and will be unable to assist in ensuring your success.

1.5 Safety & Environment

1.5.1 Ventilation

The AON-M2 is an open materials platform. As such, AON3D cannot make any general claims regarding environmental safety as users are free to use the material of their choice. We strongly urge all users to consult with material manufacturers and/or perform their own safety tests to determine appropriate ventilation and required safety gear when operating the AON-M2 with their chosen material(s).

1.5.2 Ambient Operating temperatures

The ambient temperatures around the AON-M2 should be between 15°C and 25°C.

1.5.3 Ambient Humidity

The relative humidity should be 30-70%, non-condensing.

1.5.4 Other Environmental Considerations

The AON-M2 should not be operated in an area with potential for EMI such as near high-powered radio devices, industrial motors, etc.

AON3D is not responsible for ensuring that you meet any other local, regional, state, or national regulations that may apply specifically to your situation.

1.6 Required Tools & Materials

The setup and installation process will require the following basic tools and materials:

  • 3mm hex driver
  • 4mm hex driver
  • Wire cutters
  • 2L, deionized water
  • Fluid container with spout
  • Large flathead driver
  • Vernier calipers

Ensure you use deionized water rather than distilled water. The reason for using deionized water is to avoid corrosion of metal components in the cooling circuit!

As always, please contact us at if you require further information.

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